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Virgin Homeopathy: Samuel Hahnemann’s True Homeo Science

Virgin Homeopathy is based on the principles of rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of health. It does so by following the most perfected version of Organon.

Virgin Homeopathy

Dr. Hahnemann’s 6th edition of the Organon was published in 1921 (almost 80 years after his death in 1843). In Dr. Hahnemann’s own words, the principles laid down in 6th edition represented “the most perfect method”, and fulfilled the highest ideal of cure i.e. rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of the health.


Power of Virgin Homeopathy: Diabetes Reversal Program

About us and our vision

We are a close knit group of dedicated professionals who have diligently been following Virgin Homeopathy (true, classical and original version of Homeopathy)! After years of experience and validations of our methods, we have embarked on a mission to enlighten the established and emerging homeopathy community around the globe.

Our Goals

  • To spread awareness about correct & complete knowledge of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
  • To guide homeopaths and help them to understand Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s literature in synthesized way (& not in analytical way).
  • To inculcate the necessary skills to be a ‘Ideal Physician’ in terms of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.
  • To make them competent in successful prescription.
  • To build confidence to handle, treat & ‘Cure’ each & every patient with various pathologies.
  • To make them aware of other necessary parts for their patients like natural healthy diet & regimen, healthy routine, obstacle to cure etc.
  • To help them in increasing number of patients & percentage of cure.
  • To inculcate necessary abilities to be a successful doctor e.g. personality & communication.
  • To coach them to establish homeopathy as a proper business.
  • To increase number of “True Homeopaths”.

Our Mission

To establish Virgin Homeopathy (SHHS or Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s correct & complete Method) all over the world. And, to spread awareness about almost perfect method of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann amongst Homeopathy Fraternity & Lay man from all over the world

Our Philosophy

We strictly follow Dr. Hanhemann's words, "I had not lived in vain". "If I didn't know for what purpose I was put here on earth - to become better myself as far as possible and to make better everything around me, that is within my power to improve - I should have to consider myself as lacking very much in worldly prudence to make know for the common good, even before my death, an art which I done possess, and which it is within my power to make as profitable as possible by simply keeping it secret"

Our Vision

To prepare Scientific Homeopaths in terms of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Virgin Homeopathy Training

With a mission to "Establish Virgin Homeopathy (SHHS or Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s correct & complete Method) all over the world and spread awareness about almost perfect method of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann amongst Homeopathy Fraternity", our team of expert doctors and seasoned professionals imparts a state of art training course.

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What they say about their experience with us:

“ The course was absolutely worth it. The passion of the faculty and their commitment is exemplary”

Dr. Pravin Karkare Raigad, India

“ Right from the day I attended the seminar, I made my mind to attend the course. Now, I feel so glad that I went through the training in Virgin Homeopathy and realize how much I would have missed if I didn't go with it. ”

Dr. Praveen Pune, India


Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon. Though down this road we've been so many times.



Founder and Director

Dr. Chak is the Founder of RadianSys. He is a renowned experienced homeopath who has cured many difficult rather almost incurable diseases. He is also an expert ‘Antipsoric Medicine’ Prescriber.



Co-Founder and Director

Guest Professor at Sri Adi Siva Sadguru Alli Saheb Sivaaryulu Homeopathy Medical College, Guntakal(A.P.) and an Expert of Dose & Potency (esp. Fifty Millisimal Potency)




Senior Consulting Homeopath &Naturalist at Radiansys Natural Health &Healing Center, Pune. She is Chief Energy Cultivation Exercises Expert and Diet & Regimen Expert.



Chief Consultant

Chief Consulting Homeopath &Naturalist at Radiansys Natural Health &Healing Center, Pune. Expert &Artist in Case Taking of Patient.

Some Facts about our Mission

2 Students only in First Batch
20 Students in Second Batch
500 Diabetes cases solved
5000 Happy and healthy people

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